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SHOT Show® is returning! A new range of Smith & Wesson® Modern Sporting Rifles (MSRs) debuted today on the show floor. The Volunteer™ rifle line was created based on customer feedback and is named after the company’s new home state of Tennessee.

Taking an entirely new approach to the line, there are four rifle categories: Volunteer XV, Volunteer XV OR, Volunteer XV PRO, and Volunteer XV DMR. At launch, there are 11 models throughout the families. While they differ greatly, both are now chambered in 5.56mm NATO/223 REM with a 1:8″ twist and 5R rifling.
The Volunteer VX comes with a B5 Bravo adjustable stock and a B5 pistol grip with a steeper grade angle than typical MSR grips, allowing the operator to align their trigger fingers properly. The flat-faced trigger design offers a clean crisp break, and the Bravo Company forend has numerous M-LOK® slots for additional accessories. The Volunteer XV OR has all of the same characteristics as the standard Volunteer XV, but it also includes a low profile Picatinny mount gas block, giving the end user a clearer sight view.
The Volunteer XV Pro rifles use a mid-length gas system that ensures a smooth recoil cycle. The Volunteer XV Pro forend incorporates a 15″ free-floating handguard with M-LOK slots for accessory attachment as close to the firearm’s muzzle as practicable. The barrel itself features a PWS muzzle brake to reduce recoil and muzzle flip. The XV Pro also comes with a B5 pistol grip and a B5 Sopmod stock, which provides optimal cheek weld and doubles as storage for optic batteries.
The Volunteer VX DMR, with its rifle-length gas system, is meant to assist you in reaching wider targets. The 20″ barrel is protected by a 15″ free-floating handguard. The barrel, like the Volunteer VX Pro, features a PWS muzzle brake, a B5 pistol grip, and a B5 Sopmod stock. View the whole Volunteer Series lineup.

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